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A-Z Franchising

We can take you from the initial stages of franchising your business right through to recruiting your first franchisee and beyond.

If you have a business you want to franchise, we can take you from the initial stages right through to recruiting your first franchisee and beyond. This involves every set-up function within your business.

We can be as involved in this process as meets your requirements, whether you simply need guidance and expert advice throughout the process or if you want someone working with you in-house. With access to key franchise professionals, Brand Mark Franchising can undertake a full provision of support in relation to franchising projects within the UK and Europe.

A step by step approach and close guidance allow us to make sure you’re ready to move on after each step in the process.

We provide:

  • Guidance and expert advice
  • In-house assistance if needed
  • Help in setting up the franchise

We partner with experts in the franchise industry to cover specialist areas such as marketing and events so that we can offer an even more comprehensive service.

Recruiting franchisees

Once you’re up and running as a franchise, you’re going to want to start recruiting those all-important franchisees.
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Working with you

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise. This is why we meet with you several times before we begin working together.
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